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Skip Langdon Series

Whenever I watch or read a murder mystery, I find myself guessing "who done it"! It was him...it was her...it was them.
Julie Smith did this up right. The story tripped me up at every turn! I had to keep flipping my Kindle pages until...the final surprising finish!
Try this read! I know you will love it too!

Skip Langdon Box Sets

If you're looking for a unique detective series that pulls you in and won't let go, you should check out Julie Smith's Skip Langdon Mysteries! The plots are believable, unique, exciting. Characters are real people. "Bad guys are truly BAD. New Orleans makes a perfect location and provides a wonderful mix of remarkable people that add Cajun spice to the entire series. Don't waste another minute! Introduce yourself to Skip Langdon ASAP!

The Rebecca Schwartz Series

"Smith's crisp storytelling, her easy knowledge of local practices, and her likable, unpredictable heroine will make readers look forward to more of sleuth Schwartz's adventures."--San Francisco Chronicle

The Talba Wallis Series

I’d read the Skip Langdon series a year or more ago, so I already knew that I liked Julie Smith’s writing. This Talba series is outstanding! It has kept me reading and reading, until I finished all four. Talba has made a great P.I., and Eddie is a great addition! You feel like you’re familiar with, and there in, New Orleans as you read these. The characters are fully fleshed out and the stories keep you guessing. Can’t wait to read more

The Paul McDonald Series

I really like Julie Smith and her novels.This book did not disappoint me. The character Paul McDonald is a ex reporter turned mystery writer, with no ideas to write about. Along comes a private investigator, Jack ,who offers Paul a job working for him. Paul thinks he will get some ideas and be able to write the world's greatest novel. Then Jack is murdered and Paul decides to find Jack's murderer.It is a well written novel and fun to read. I highly recommend it to mystery lovers.


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Write Free: Forget Other People's Rules, Liberate Your Creativity, And Write A Novel That Sparkles by Julie Smith